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Palm AcademyInvest in staff today to reap productivity tomorrow

Palm FlowThe WorkFlow Solution Specialists

Palm ConnectStop making boring workflows Start making intelligent workflows

Palm ChartsIntegrate workflow data into your enterprise business Intelligence

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Productivity in Motion ™

Our Focus

We focus on solutions to keep your team productive and always on the go.

Our Mission

We understand that no organisation is the same so we provide tailored productivity solutions.

Our Philosophy

Palm Strike believes in the user experience of a business process.

Our Services

We offer tailored and comprehensive IT services starting from conceptual to implementation to support.

Our Commitment

We don’t try to be one of the big IT shops, we prefer to remain a boutique IT service provider that can add value throughout the working relationship with our clients.

Vendor Agnostic

We are proudly vendor agnostic and prefer to concentrate on providing the right solution for our clients.

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